Adventure Custom Family Vacation
- to Ethiopia's Spectacular Historic,
Natural and Wild Life Attractions

We provide tour packages for an adventure custom family vacation to the astonishing Blue Nile Falls, the Simien Mountains, Gondar and more.

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Your adventure family vacation can also include the unforgettable sights of Bahirdar, Lake Tana, Yeha, Axum, Debre Damo and the rock hewn churches of Tigray and Lalibela.

passway at lalibela chiurchesExplore the rock hewn churches, unique in that many stand completely free from the rock.

They show extraordinary technical skill in the use of line, proportion and decoration and in the remarkable variety of styles.

This is just one of many stops on your adventure to explore the beauty of Ethiopia.

Our wild life adventure family vacation takes you to the most fascinating locations that leave you with lasting memories.

Marvel at the Omo national park, Ethiopia's largest nature sanctuary, is one of the richest in spectacle game and yet one of the least visited areas in East Africa.

The Omo National Park is considered by enthusiasts of our adventure family vacation to be one of Africa's premier locations for white water rafting, fishing and for viewing huge crocodiles and hippos.

Established to protect the prolific plains and wild life, it includes the savanna and deciduous wood land habitats.

It supports a wide variety of wild life including elands, elephants, black rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes and buffaloes.

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It has over 57 recorded species of large mammals and 306 species of birds.

Karo WarriorOn your adventure custom family vacation you will also meet and greet some of the very colorful local tribes who live in this area.

Another adventure family vacation arrangement that we provide is to the oldest and most developed wild life reserve in Ethiopia, the Awash National Park.

This natural treasure is bordered to the south by the Awash River featuring the 1,800 meter Fantalle volcano and numerous mineral hot springs and extraordinary volcanic formations.

adventure custom family vacationIn this adventure family vacation package visitors enjoy the park's rich wild life.

This comprises mainly of east African plains animals like Oryx, bat-eared fox, Caracal, Aard Vark, Colobus, Anubis and Hamadryas baboons.

You could also see Klispringer, leopard bushbuck, hippopotamus, Soemmering's gazelle, cheetah, lion, kudu and with a chance to see some of the 450 species of birds.

A tour to the UNESCO's world heritage mountain trekking and wild life site the Simien Mountain escarpments is another best adventure custom family vacation package provided by Highway Tours.

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Housing a variety of endemic plants, mammals and birds, including the beautiful Walia Ibex, the Simien Mountains will give you the visitor a taste of Ethiopia's remarkable wild life.

Within this spectacular splendor the Walia (Abyssinian) Ibex, Simien Red Fox and Gelada Baboon all endemic of Ethiopia as well as the Hamadryas baboon, Klipspringer and Bush Buck live.

Birds such as the lammergeyer, augur buzzard, eagle, kestrel and falcon soar above this mountain retreat. It is the best place for mountain scenery and trekking and an amazing spot for your adventure custom family vacation.

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