Ethiopia Bird Watching Holidays
for Species that Exist Nowhere Else

With an Ethiopia Bird Watching Holidays package you may find yourself spoiled for choice with over 830 recorded species and 23 species found nowhere else in the world.

Elias Bayou - Certified GuideLet Elias, a certified and professional safari guide with an excellent knowledge of wild-life and birds be your guide. He has earned an advanced diploma from his studies in Nairobi, Kenya and has a rich experience in accompanying international and local bird watchers to the best bird sites of Ethiopia.

Elias has traveled extensively throughout the national parks and reserves of Ethiopia, Kenya and North Tanzania. He is a member of 'Ethiopian Wildlife and History Society' and 'Nature Kenya' and is also a keen bird watcher.



Ethiopia's 23 endemic species of birds:

  • Abyssinian catbird (Parophasma galinieri)
  • Abyssinian Salty flycatcher
  • Abyssinian longclaw (Macronyx flavicollis)
  • Abyssinian Woodpecker (Dendropicos abyssinicus)
  • Abyssinian Bush-crow (Zavattariornis stresemanni)
  • Ankober Serin (Serinus ankoberensis)
  • Black-headed Siskin (Serinus nigriceps)
  • Black-winged Lovebird
  • Blue-winged Goose
  • Degodi lark (Mirafra degodiensis)
  • Harwood’s francolin (Francolinus hardwoodi)
  • Nechisar nightjar (Caprimulgus nechisarensis)
  • Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco (Tauraco ruspolii)
  • Salvadori’s serin (Serinus xantholaema)
  • Sidamo Long-clawd Lark (Heteromirafra sidamoensis)
  • Spot-breasted Lapwing (Vanellus melanocephalus)
  • Thick-billed Raven
  • White-collard Pigeon
  • Wattled ibis
  • White-throated Serin
  • White-tailed swallow (Hirundo megaensis)
  • Yellow-fronted parrot (Poicephalus flavifrons)
  • Yellow-throated serin (Serinus flavigula)


No other aspect of Ethiopia’s biology typifies its unique situation more than its prolific and numerous bird fauna does. In fact in a recent report, Ethiopia's Bale Mountain region was voted No.4 on a list of the best birding sites by the African Bird Club.

Ethiopia also benefits from the incredible variety of Africa’s bird life as well as the presence of species which have migrated from Europe.

Of the ten bird families endemic to the African mainland, eight are represented in Ethiopia.

Discover the amazing experience of an Ethiopia Bird Watching Holiday to the Blue Nile gorges around Debrelibanos, home to at least 7 endemic bird species.

An extraordinary part of any Ethiopia Bird Watching Holiday is to tour the lakes, swamps, marshes and rivers.

Here you will find more than 50% of the country’s bird species.

Overlooking the waters edge there are great spots from which you will see an astonishing variety of abundant bird life.

You may well find yourself spoiled for choice with so may great bird spots, among them the Akaki wetlands boasting a descent variety of waders, ducks, and flamingoes.

Great White PelicansThere is also Lake Ziway for its water birds, including herons and storks and Lake Langano providing a habitat for the hornbill, fan-tailed raven and helmet shrike.

On our Ethiopia Bird Watching Holidays you could also visit Lake Abiata and Lake Shala.


These are known for their feeding and nesting grounds of greater and lesser flamingos and the great white pelican.

Lake Awasa is home to the African pygmy-goose along with various species of stork, ibis, crake, heron and coot.

You may also experience an excellent variety of birds including many endemics.

Such as the thick billed raven, the Abyssinian slaty flycatcher or the Abyssinian Woodpecker in the thickly forested hills of Wondogenet.

Bale mountains national park, isolated from other similar habitats in Africa by low and dry areas is the other spectacular spot for one of Ethiopia's Bird Watching Holidays.

You will find details of an example holiday at Bale Mountains in one of our downloadable brochures. But, recognizing that often you may require something a little different, we also offer bird watching holidays customized to your exact needs.

Just download Tour EnquiryTrekking and Wildlife at Bale Mountains and complete the form from the brochure to tell us of your requirements.

Yellow Fronted ParrotBale Mountains is a favorite destination among birders and famous for its large number of Ethiopian endemics.

It is also rich in streams and little alpine lakes. These provide food and security for unusual water birds such as the Ruddy Shelduck and the elegant Wattled Crane.

You could also have an opportunity to see European birds pass the dry season in the mountains before returning to Europe as do several birds of prey such as the Steppe Eagle and Kestrel.

If you are really lucky you could be one of the few people on one of our Ethiopia Bird Watching Holidays to experience the excitement of discovering more than the 23 birds endemic to Ethiopia, since another 7 species have been reported in the past few years.

Or you might beat the record of 328 species seen during one 23 day tour.

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