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Eskinder HailuI have a profound joy and pleasure to bring you the ultimate family vacation adventure in the amazingly original, pure untouched attractions of Ethiopia - unexplored by many.

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Why Travel to Ethiopia ?

Ethiopia is like no other:
Tour Guide at Blue Nile FallsEthiopia is not just another country. It has a cultural, historical, and linguistic identity quite distinct from that of the rest of Africa, largely because it has spent long periods of its history in virtual isolation.

Nature has also endowed Ethiopia with splendid beauty and diversity that is worth being given the utmost admiration and highest regard.

Do you know that Ethiopia is the cradle of mankind?
It is here that the 3.8 million years old remains of ancestral Australopithecus Afarensis (the first hominid skeleton) and the 4.4 million years old fossil remains of the chimpanzee-sized ape were unearthed.

Historical and archaeological discoveries show that only few countries in the world possess such great wealth, ancient legends, and beautiful attractions as Ethiopia.Client at Gondar Castle

It is the only country in sub-Saharan Africa with tangible historical remnants stretching back to the ancient Mediterranean civilizations.

Ethiopia retains its own particular language and script, its own food and drink, its own church and saints, even its own calendar and clock.

Ethiopia has been known since the biblical Genesis (The Beginning):
Do you know that it is the first country to be mentioned in the world’s oldest book, The Bible? Read “Gen 2:13”

Ethiopia is “friendly and hospitable"
Friendly, amazingly safe, proud of themselves and having great respect for others, are among the many attributes of Ethiopian people. Its grand attractions and its people will leave you with unforgettable memories and lasting impressions.

Ethiopia is an affordable destination
Luxurious Sheraton HotelAddis Ababa and other destinations have hotels that cater for all pockets.

From the luxurious Sheraton and Hilton hotels, to the tourist class hotels such as the Ghion Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Global Hotel, Hotel Leopold and many others, that all have good customer service.

Guest houses, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets are plentiful and cheap. You will always get the best rooms, facilities and services that are both affordable and reasonably priced.



Why Discover Ethiopia with Highway Tours
We are committed to providing our customers the ultimate vacation adventure experience in the country's most diverse, exotically beautiful and magnificent scenery.

Semaamlak Kumie - Certified Guide Semien Mountains National ParkOur combined knowledge of the prolific natural and wildlife attractions, the centuries and millennia old historical heritage and the colorful cultural traditions, makes us an ideal choice to make your ultimate family vacation adventure become a reality.

Semaamlak Kumie
A certified guide of Simien Mountains National Park (SMNP); trained in basic guiding, first aid, map reading and wildlife conservation.

He specializes in tourism management and SMNP ecology, botany, mammals and bird identification, history, trekking arrangement and mountaineering.

We are distinguished by our qualified, efficient and cost effective tour packages, all designed to provide you, our highly esteemed customer, the ultimate service, with courtesy, care, comfort, safety, and above all your utmost enjoyment and satisfaction.

Our Vision: Our vision is ‘to see “satisfied customers” experience the country’s diverse beauties and attractions’. Our mission is to make this a reality by providing quality professional tour services Antsokia Mengistu - Guideunparalleled by any other tour operator in Ethiopia.

We always aspire to render our services in an efficient, qualified, innovative, proficient and professional manner.

Our Core Value: Always placing and valuing our customers first and providing a reliable service that is our core value and unconditional promise.

Our Purpose: Our purpose is to provide high quality management with superior customer service at an affordable price.



Our Services: We provide a wide array of tour packages and travel arrangements destined to Ethiopia. Among our specialties are; site seeing tours, adventure tours, bird watching tours, historic and cultural tours; hotel reservations, car and equipment rentals, transportation facilities and arrangements.

Elias Bayou - Certified Professional Safari GuideElias Bayou
A certified and professional safari guide with an excellent knowledge of wild-life and birds. He has earned an advanced diploma from Air travel and related studies center in Nairobi, Kenya.

He has a rich experience in accompanying international or local bird watchers to the best bird sites of Ethiopia.

Elias has also traveled extensively over the major national parks and reserves throughout Ethiopia, Kenya, and North Tanzania. He is also a member of 'Ethiopian Wildlife and History Society' and 'Nature Kenya' and also a participant of many bird watching activities.

We also manage, coordinate and organize conferences, workshops, seminars and other business related arrangements.

Client on the Ultimate Family Vacation AdventureWe Take Care of You: With our package tour services we take care of your vacation arrangements from the moment you arrive in Ethiopia to the moment you leave.

Our services start with receiving and assisting you at the airport; transfer to your hotel, accommodation in the best available hotels, private ground transportation, including fuel and driver.

Also included are all meals with bottled water, soft drinks and a professional English, Spanish, French, Italian, or German speaking local guide.

Gebretsadkan Yohannes - Guide to Axum

The guide will accompany you throughout your tour and pay for excursions and entrance fees.

Also included are mules while trekking, scouts, cooks while camping and many others aspects that are part of your service package.

Gebretsadkan another of our guides has earned a bachelor degree in tourism management from the University of Gondar. He has an excellent knowledge and service of guiding at Axum and to nearby sites.

For more information see our Choosing a Tour page

Habtamu Kebadu - Certified Guide LalibelaStaff: Our Company is comprised of an experienced and knowledgeable management, coordinators, facility managers, highly skilled operators and technical staff.

Tour Guides: We have trained and qualified tour guides with various language proficiencies. These range from speaking and translating English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and the local languages.

Habtamu has earned a bachelor degree in Marketing from Bahirdar University. He is a certified guide at Lalibela to the churches inside and out of the town.



Prices: Our packages are cost effective, affordable and moderate. We also offer price discounts, bargains, and negotiable customized packages.
For more information see our Choosing a Tour page

Legal Status: Highway Tours is registered by The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Trade and Industry under Registration No. 020/1/43065/99.

Tour Enquiries: Please select a tour brochure or brochures that are closest to the type of tour you are interested in. Within each brochure you will find a link to our Tour Enquiry Form where a tour can be customized to your needs based on the information you supply.

Booking and Payment: Based on the personal or group details that you provide to us through our Tour Enquiry Form, we will send you a customized itinerary, a specific quote and method of payment, along with other details that will help you plan the ultimate family vacation adventure.

It is advisable and recommended to confirm reservations at least one month before the tour begins, or prior to the commencement of services.

Visa and Travel arrangements: Visas may be obtained at Ethiopia’s diplomatic mission overseas. However for nationals of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greek, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States they are available upon arrival.

Our Location: Our office is just 20 minutes drive from the Bole International Airport and located at:

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Highway Tours is registered by FDRE Ministry of Trade and Industry under the Pri. Reg. No. 20/1/43065/99 and Trade Name No.040/1/5078/99.

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Eskinder Hailu - Manager, Highway Tours
Eskinder Hailu
Manager, Highway Tours

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