An Ethiopian Tour -
the Experience of a Lifetime

Experience an Ethiopian Tour, be astonished by the spectacle of Lake Tana, the Blue Nile Falls, Gondar, the Simien Mountains and the church at Tigray.

Capture the memories of a lifetime in the Omo national park, Ethiopia’s largest nature sanctuary, rich in spectacular game and yet one of the least visited areas.

KM who visited in May 2011 writes:

I have so many wonderful memories, thanks to your help and the people who work for you. I came to understand that this isn't just your business, it's also your passion.

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experience the blue nile falls

View huge crocodiles and hippos in gorges 100's of meters deep.

Experience the thrills of one of Africa’s premier locations for white water rafting and fishing.

Discover the beauty of Ethiopia, 400 feet below sea level in the salt flats of the Danakil depression.


With our experienced Ethiopian tour guides you can climb to Ras Dashan at more than 15,000 ft, part of the Simien mountain range.

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Ethiopia is situated in North Eastern Africa. Its capital Addis Ababa enjoys a healthy climate at 8000 feet above sea level.

Ethiopia, the diplomatic capital of Africa, has an independence that dates back before the birth of Christ. The current flag of Ethiopia was officially adopted on February 6, 1996.

The flag comprises the Pan-African colors of green, symbolic of Ethiopia's land, yellow the color of peace and love and red the color of strength. The centered gold star on a blue shield represents unity.

Ethiopian Tour Map

Ethiopia is bordered by Sudan to the north and north west. Eritrea lies to the north and north east with Djibouti to the east.

Somalia is to the east and south east and to the south lies Kenya.

A distinctive attraction on an Ethiopian tour is the northern part of the Great Rift Valley.

The valley runs the entire length of the country in a northeast-southwest direction.

In the centre of the country is a high plateau region.

Ethiopia is bordered by steep slopes on the northwest and the lowlands are hot and arid. The semi-desert region of the Ogaden, covers the entire southeastern region of the country.

In the north, the Danakil Desert reaches to the Red Sea and the coastal foothills of Eritrea.

blue nile gorgeEthiopia's largest lake is Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile River.

This river winds around in a great arc before merging with the White Nile in the Sudan.

It travels through great canyons that reach depths of more than 4,000 ft.

Ethiopia is also home to nearly a hundred different tribes, each with its own language.

On an Ethiopian tour you will experience an astonishing array of animals and birds, many of them unique to the countryTour Enquiry Click here for a Brochure


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