An Ethiopia Tour to Fascinating
Historic and Cultural Destinations

At Highway Tours we provide ethiopia tour packages to the spectacular and grand attractions of Ethiopia. Our ethiopia tour package covers a range of diverse fascinations, grouped into historic, cultural, nature and wildlife.

blue nile fallsThe historic route of our ethiopia tour heads to the northern part of Ethiopia and begins with Bahirdar, Lake Tana, and the Blue Nile Falls.

The source of the Blue Nile river, Lake Tana, is dotted with island monasteries, housing treasures of medieval art.

30 kilometers away, the river roars over the spectacular Tisissat Falls.

Gondar, the famous medieval city known for its many castles and decoration of its churches is the next attraction of our ethiopia tour package.

Gelada BaboonAfter visiting the Royal enclosure and other attractions we head to the north to the Simien Mountains.

These are the most beautiful mountain ranges in Africa.

The spectacular scenery and the remarkable wild life include the endemic Gelada Baboon, and Walia.

Also not to be missed highlights of the ethiopia tour historic and wildlife package.

Video Ethiopia Sights

A Video Tour of Ethiopia

The ethiopia tour also journeys to Ethiopia’s magnificent and incredible grand attractions at Yeha, Axum, Debre-Damo and Tigray.

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Ethiopia Tour Lalibela ChurchThe Lalibela rock hewn churches were built by King Lalibela in the late 12th century.

Architecturally unique, carved inside and outside from solid rock they are decorated with fascinating forms.

As one of the best historical attractions on an ethiopia tour they are considered by many to be among the wonders of the world.

Here our guide Habtamu will help you to get the most from your visit to the rock hewn churches, built by a civilization that existed more than 2500 years ago.

Alice Klement writes:

He is everything a guide must be ...

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We at Highway Tours also provide the cultural and nature package of an ethiopia tour to the largest nature sanctuary in the country. Its rich spectacle is one of the least visited areas in East Africa ‘The Omo Valley’.

Here Ethiopia’s remarkable people, fascinating and prolific wild life like buffalo, elephant, giraffe, cheetah, lion, leopard, zebra, greater and lesser kudu live.

The Omo river is also one of Africa’s premier locations for white water rafting and many splendors that will make your ethiopia tour a real fun adventure  Tour Enquiry click here to Download a Tour Brochure


Surma WomanThe ethiopia tour package also encompasses the diverse and fascinating tribal groups inhabiting the Valley.

To mention a few, the Bume known for their scarification, the Geleb for their remarkable hairstyling, the Mursi for their lip-plate tradition and their fierce stick fighting men.

There are the Surma for their white body painting and ear-plate traditions.

The Arbore and the Hamar have personal adornment, ornate hair styles and also their markets and marriage traditions.

All this and more are part of the many attractions of our ethiopia tour.


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