Experience the Spirit of Ethiopia
Through Sporting Events

If you want a real life experience what better way than to join in the fun at an event attended by ordinary Ethiopians. Traditionally Ethiopia is known for its good weather, amazing landscape, ancient history and a wide cultural diversity to be found in its people.

Sporting Event at GambellaIt is this cultural diversity that provides the visitor with many opportunities to experience the real lives of Ethiopians enjoying themselves during social and sporting events.

Many colorful activities, festivals, cultural fairs and sporting events are held throughout the year celebrating the everyday lives of Ethiopians.

Among the sporting events that one can see are athletics, swimming, cycling, and many other activities that are both exciting and entertaining and provide the visitor with an opportunity to join in the fun.

Tribal Cultural DancingThese are planned in different parts of the country throughout the year.

The festivals are usually colored by various activities like sporting competitions, entertainments, live music, traditional songs, dances and social activities.

Another special sporting event is the "All Ethiopian Games."

This is an event that lasts for more than a week and is held in March once every four years.

It is comprised of and performed by athletes from every ethnic and tribal group in the country.

It is one of the best showcases of Ethiopia’s diverse and colorful people, cultures, traditions and art in a sports setting. It is a thrilling event where the visitor will experience real people having a great time.

There is also "The Great Run," the first of its kind in Africa with more than 25,000 participants taking part and organized during November each year. It is also a race that anyone can join in.

This event is inspired and pioneered by Haile G/Sillassie, the legendary long distance runner, famous throughout the world for his numerous world records. This is also an opportunity to see and run with top class athletes.

You are assured of an enjoyable time and stay in Ethiopia as there is much to see, do and even participate in if you bring your running shoes – but we will find you a pair if you forget to bring them.

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