Unique Family Vacations
to Ethiopia’s Most Colorful Attractions

A spectacular destination for unique family vacations is the wild, remote, undisturbed Omo valley, home to exotic wild life and remarkable peoples.

Karo WomanHere you find fascinating people and cultures inhabiting the valley and where the most colorful ethnic groups of Ethiopia are found.

One of our unique family vacations packages begins with a tour to the south, with Dorze people, famed for their woven houses and their woven cotton cloth.

You may also visit Netch Sar national park, Lake Abaya and Tchamo. Here you will see nearby beauty spots, have a boat excursion to see hippos, crocodiles and the impressive natural bridge so called ‘Bridge of God’.

Another of our great family vacation ideas is to include a journey to Konso, where people for centuries have practiced terracing and intensive agriculture. In this steep land the people are also known for their wooden totems erected over the graves of the dead.

Hamar WomanUnique family vacations packages also include visiting the tribal groups considered among them selves as masters of body decoration. The Geleb are the most original in adornment and hair styles.

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The Hamar, Arbore and Karo known both for their fine pottery and their remarkable hair styling remain unique family vacation destinations for our visitors.

Other spectacles of unique family vacations are the Mursi, famous for their lip-plate tradition worn by women and the fierce stick fighting between men.

The Surma are known for their white almost ghost like body painting that is intended to intimidate enemies in battle.

Unique Family Vacations

One of our great family vacation ideas is for you to stay at the hot spring resort “Wondo Genet.”

Marvel at the Great Rift Valley, Lakes Awassa, Shala, Abijata and Zewai, all part of a unique family vacations package.

Here you will relax and enjoy viewing birds like yellow fronted parrot, crowned hornbills, lesser honey guide and many others.

Savannah ZebrasThe Omo and Mago Parks are unique family vacations for their diversity, ranging from dry savannah plains to riverine forest mammals.

Experience animals in there natural surroundings, like giraffes, zebras, oryx, greater and lesser kudus.

See hartebeests, elands, water bucks, gazelles, lions, buffalos and elephants.

Concluding the Omo Valley Tour you will head toward the eastern part of Ethiopia. Here your unique family vacations package takes you to the medieval walled city of Harar.

Harar, another of our great family vacation ideas, stands amid great mountains on the east wall of the Great Rift Valley.

Harar remains one of our unique family vacations spots for its most dominant features. Within its strong encircling walls are held the most exciting and colorful markets in all of Ethiopia.

The city’s five gates, the only means to enter or leave the city, make it one of the essential attractions of our unique family vacations package.

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