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We provide excellent exotic vacation packages to the magnificent and spectacular exotic vacation spots of Ethiopia.

We provide exotic vacation packages that will enable you to see the best of Ethiopia’s historic, cultural, nature and wild life.

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exotic vacation packagesEthiopia houses many diverse exotic vacation spots with prolific attractions, rife endemism, mammals, flora, amphibians, birds, reptiles, insects and even fish.

Its wide range of ecosystems range from high peaks and semitropical forest, to salt lakes and desert.

Ethiopia is a destination of fascinating attractions and home for exotic vacation spots that are exceptionally different from any other country on the continent.

Its incredibly diverse topography spans the highest peak of Ras Dashen (4,620m the fourth highest mountain in Africa) to one of the lowest points on the Earth’s surface ‘the Danakil depression.’

Hamar WomenOur exotic vacation packages are tailored to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime.

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One tour will take you on a cultural journey to the wild undisturbed and little visited Omo Valley.

This boasts not only remarkable wild life, but is home to many diverse fascinating people and cultures.

Here among Ethiopia’s more exotic vacation spots you will find an astonishing mix of small, contrasting ethnic groups. Tribes like the Konso, Bume, Geleb, Mursi, Surma, Arbore, Hamar, Karo and many others.

Each are known for their fascinating and spectacular cultural beauties, like scarification for cosmetic purposes, remarkable hairstyling and lip-plates.

Customs also involve stick fighting, body painting, personal adornment and ornate hair styles, markets, marital ceremonies and many other spectacles that you can see as part of one of our exotic vacation packages.

The northern historic tour one of our exotic vacation packages begins with Bahirdar - en route visiting the magnificent Blue Nile Gorge, one of the most dramatic stretches of river in Ethiopia Tour Enquiry Click here for a Brochure

Bahirdar as its name implies, is a beautiful city siding Ethiopia’s largest lake ‘Lake Tana’.

It is dotted with islands that house many medieval monasteries.

The Blue Nile Falls 30 km from the lake is spectacular and its showers can be felt many kilometers away.

Gondar and Simien Mountains are the next exotic vacation spots to Bahirdar. The medieval city Gondar is famous and a breathtaking site for its Royal enclosure, castles, and churches.

North of the city, other spectacular and exotic vacation spots are the Simien Mountains. According to the ancient philosopher Homer, ‘they were the play ground of the Greek gods, who came here to play chess’. In fact they are the most marvelous of all Ethiopian landscapes.

Axum StelaeThe exotic vacation spots of the northern historic route end with the marvelous rock hewn churches of Tigray, Axum Stelae, Yeha, Debre-Damo, and rock hewn churches of Lalibela.

The remarkable monolithic stone obelisks of Axum and Lalibela rock hewn churches are skillfully worked and expertly carved.

They show that Ethiopia is a sanctuary of exotic vacation spots and are symbols of the country’s past greatness and cultural glory.


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