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Tribesman17 Days and 16 Nights
The northern historical route takes you to the most famous monuments, including the millennia old ancient Stelae of Aksum.

Also the medieval rock-hewn churches of Tigray and Lalibela, and the 16th century castles of Gondar.

You will also see the cultural and wildlife sanctuaries of Netch-Sar, and Omo that contain not only remarkable wild life, but also remarkable people.

Day 1 Arrive Addis Ababa:
A welcoming reception by Highway Tours and transfer to your hotel.

Day 2 Addis Ababa City Tour:
We take you on a tour of Addis Ababa the friendly and amazingly safe, colorful and cheerful city with plenty of cultural experiences, folk dancing, singing, restaurants and night clubs.

You may also visit the museums, housing ceremonial paraphernalia, royal and courtly robes and a good collection of crowns. The fine arts and crafts of the country and Lucy, the fossilized hominid.

Day 3 Fly to Bahirdar:
Bahirdar makes a pleasant base to explore the Blue Nile falls and the island monasteries of Lake Tana. We also take you to Woyto village where the people are known for their production of tankwa (papyrus) boats.

Day 4 Fly to Gondar:
One of the most impressive cities for preserved castles and other buildings. Fasiladas's palace is the most impressive of the castles along with the famous and elaborately decorated churches of Debre Birhan Selassie.

Day 5 Fly to Lalibela:
These 12th century churches here are hewn out of a single rock with exceptional masonry skills. Lalibela ranks among the greatest historical sites in the Christian world.

Day 6 Fly to Aksum:
The queen of Sheba's palace, bath and palace of King Kaleb. King Ezana's inscription, St Mary of Zion churches and Aksum's astonishing Stelae that strike you for their huge size.

Day 7 Fly to Addis Ababa:
Return to Addis for over night stay in hotel.

Day 8 Drive to Arbaminch:
En route see the beautiful scenery. Visit the Dorze people who are known for their huge famous bee hive huts.

Day 9 Drive to Netch Sar Park, Lake Abaya, Tchamo:
From here you will travel to the beautiful Netch Sar Park, ranked among the most scenic and beautiful game reserves in East Africa. You will also see Lake Abaya the largest rift valley lake and at Lake Tchamo you can enjoy the spectacle of huge crocodiles.

Day 10 Drive to Jinka:
En route visit, Woito, and Keyafar. You could also visit the large and colorful market where you can expect to see different ethnic groups, among them the Ari, Hammer, Bena, Karo, Koygu and Bodi.

Day 11 Drive to Mago, Mursi, and Murle:
Visit the Mursi one of the most famous tribes. Known for their traditions including the lip plate worn by the women, and the fierce stick fighting between men.

Day 12-13 Drive to camp at Turmi:
Here the Hamar people are known for fine pottery and remarkable hair styling. You can also see their body decoration their bead necklaces, iron coils around their arms and skins decorated with crocowry shells.

Day 14 Drive to Yabelo:
We visit Yabelo wild life sanctuary with over 194 species of birds and see some of the 25 species of mammal including burchell's zebra and the greater and lesser kudus.

Day 15 Dr. to Langano or Wondogenet:
Enjoy the hot spring resort "Wondo genet" where you can relax, swim, hot water bath and view some of the many endemic birds.

Day 16 Drive to Addis:
See the lakes rich in water birds. Langano lakes, park of Shala and Abyata, Lake Zewai and Debrezeit's crater lakes, plus enjoy a farewell dinner with Highway Tours.

Day 17 Departure:
Last minute shopping and transfer to the airport.

Prices start from $120 (USD) per person, per day, depending on time of year and whether persons are sharing or non-sharing.

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